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How can I help?

If you are trying to find a way to create the kind of workplace that will get your people aligned and giving their best, then we should probably talk.


If you need someone to talk to that understands the challenges of leadership and can help you break through the obstacles in your way, then we should probably talk .

If you want to build the capacity of your people to think critically, lead others, and collaborate, then we should probably talk.

Everything starts with a conversation

   The For Leaders Only Workshop Series has been developed specifically for people that are in leadership roles.


By limiting attendance to a small number of leaders Lane is able to create a learning environement that builds on what people already know and adds to it in a way that encourages a high level of engagement and the practical, strategic application of the content. 


To find out more about the For Leaders Only Workshop Series contact Lane or click HERE

The For Leaders Only Workshop Series


About Lane                                                  250-592-8250

Lane Sherman has a Masters degree in Leadership and works as an Organizational Development consultant and leadership coach in British Columbia, Canada. Over a 20-year career Lane has consulted with large organizations (20,000+ people), small businesses such as entrepreneurial start-ups, and pretty much everything in between. He has also owned his own businesses, worked as a manager in medium and large organizations and he has coached internationally successful teams. His passion for helping people and organizations transform has been at the center of his work.


Lane was instrumental in developing a world-class team-coaching program at Royal Roads University, teaches collaboration at the MBA level, and continues to develop programs and processes that support collaborative leadership and effective teamwork. His book, The Keys to Collaboration, captures Lane's experience and lessons learned from his in-depth work.


If you are ready to take your leadership to the next level of collaboration mastery, talk to Lane now! 

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