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SYSTEM Check-up

There are many ways to look at an organization. One of them is to look at it as a system of inter-related people, roles, and accountabilities. Understanding the human systems you are working with helps to unlock the potential of that system. The truth is, many leaders don't have a clear view of how people are feeling about their work, their colleagues, their leaders, and the organization.  It is not unusual for people to be surprised by what they find out. Even when it comes to their own teams.


At PeopleStuff we use a collaborative approach that may use interviews, surveys, focus groups, and whole systems facilitated gatherings. We customize the approach to fit your system and what you are focusing on as an area for improvement. The end product is usually a summary report on the health of your system and a set of recommendations to help drive change but the real benefit is that it brings people together to identify strengths and weaknesses on their teams, departments, and organizations and then they also get to be a part of identifying the solutions the the issues that are impacting them. People feel listened to and going through this process builds engagement, buy-in, and connection to the team/department/organization. For more information, contact Lane

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