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Collaboration By Design

Collaboration By Design (CBD) is a facilitated process that engages key decision makers and stakeholders in the design of their unique approach for hitting the sweet-spot with collaboration. The CBD approach is built on deep collaborative processes that create buy-in through participation and contribution. 


Participants in the CBD process will go through three stages, each with its own focus. The three stages are; Defining; Designing; and Delivering.


Defining includes establishing scope, understanding the current state of collaboration, describing the desired future state, and creating the value proposition for collaboration in your organization.


Designing involves describing the requirements for getting to the desired future state, starting to build the structure (when, where, and how to collaborate) and the culture (how people agree to engage with each other) that will support that outcome, and developing the strategies. 


Delivery is about building the plan, actions, and accountabilities including communication tactics, defining results, building feedback loops (measurements), and ensuring sustainability.  


CBD is a method that allows participants to drive the outcome while working within a defined framework. The process create opportunities for learning along the way and the facilitator can easily flex between facilitation and instruction when a need is identified (or planned in advance by design). 


The delivery of the CBD process is flexible. All three stages can be done within a two or three day period (depending on complexity and client needs) or it can be divided into modules that are delivered over a longer time-frame.


In most cases, the participants remain consistent through the stages, however key individuals can join at pre-defined times to contribute their valuable input (customers/clients invited to describe their experience of collaboration with the organization and identify areas of improvement or senior leaders joining at the start to define scope and authority are two examples). For more information, book a free phone call or email Lane at 

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